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    Business in Africa is not risky!

    The Daily Paragraph – Mekki Elmograbi 2016-07-24:
    Business in Africa is not risky! Corruption is not just in Africa, even in first world countries the practice is the same of Africa but “human rights - coated”. If you are running very big business, you should dedicate your donation for specific political organizations “claiming that they are not political” and you should make that donation through specific media. Sometimes you pay for advertisements for NGOs! In fact, it is a kind of political commitment to a group, lobby or some politicians who are protecting your business. An African successful businessman, graduated from US told me he didn’t see any difference “doing business in some unsafe and corrupt countries anywhere, not just Africa is not that dangerous or risky, it will be very simple when you allocate some money for the cost of “private security” and “politicians” in your calculation and then make your feasibility study.” In spite of poverty and deterioration in human rights situation, “really happening or because media focus”, some of African countries still have very strong economy, because the private sector is still strong and well connected with global economy. Multinational companies are there, local tycoons have their own private aircrafts.

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