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    wtb advice, and good book recommendation for sci-fi, transhumanism related

    My WIP takes place in an era I made up called the transhuman revolution. It's basically pre-cyberpunk. But the technological advances are beyond me (Im no scientist, and no little about the specifics of genetic engineering). The POV is through the eyes of a 17 year old slacker so I'm allowed to go 'light' on the science without appearing pretentious and adding "because magic!" It gives me some room to work with, and the fact that this 'transhuman revolution' only works as the setting, and a 'secondary antagonist'. It does not have a ton to do with the MC or the actual plot. It's basically just the society and world she is walking through.

    In the middle of telling the story, I drafted a 2 paragraph info dump about the era, that didn't really need to be there, because it didnt affect the MC directly, in regard to the plot she is moving through. So i ended up removing it, it slowed down the action -- and exposed my lack research on the subject. Here is my roughed efforts to describe what exactly this transhuman era is, (paraphrased), "The current controversy, that is the Transhuman Revolution, is based on the External Bionic Chips (EBCs) becoming... INTERNAL Bionic chips." (The external is somewhat cyborg, the internal is nanotechnology . The controversy is, external chips are fine, they don't directly mess with the body, while internal chips can restructure an individual from the inside out (like in the story Blood Music) and is incredibly dangerous and argued immoral. It seems a bit juvenile, switching out external for internal for some overly simplified explanation for transhumanism.

    I'm having a problem with distinguishing nanotechnology from being a cyborg. I'd assume the Cyborg technology would come BEFORE we inject ourselves with nanochips, but not totally sure. And I'm not sure how'd they mix with one another.

    Anyway, one of the obvious problems is I've not read any other novels about transhumanism, so any good recommendations?
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