Good afternoon fellow writers! I recently parted ways with an agent, so my hunt begins again. I’d appreciate any and all feedback on my query letter. The letter I used to secure my former agent was longer than this version. I was told that most write a brief summary, so I am hoping this will work.

In 2010, I was a Peabody and DuPont award-winning producer at CNN who was addicted to painkillers. I was taking upwards of 40 pills a day, even though I’d overcome, three disease, two liver transplants and the loss of my colon. And while my addiction was a solitary existence, my recovery proved to be a theatrical family affair led by my beloved father, a former alcoholic. Known to stumble about as both a charismatic and terrifying drunk, he knew what to do with a body gone mad. So begins THE OTHER SIDE OF COMING THROUGH, a 107,000 word-count memoir in which my father faces his past addiction in order to help me overcome mine.

Following a routine medical procedure, I became addicted to painkillers. Once doctors refused to refill my prescriptions, and after I’d pilfered painkillers from unsuspecting friends and family, and eventually my arthritic dog, I put my already tenuous health at further risk by buying thousands of counterfeit pills online. When a fateful accident forced my past and present to intersect during the fateful summer of 2010, I reluctantly entered rehab. Eventually, I detoxed amid a cast of colorful alcoholics and addicts—each providing enlightenment and levity—as I faced a classic tragedy: the tool you use to save yourself becomes the one thing that ultimately destroys you. Further, while I coped with the shame of having chased one disease (addiction) while running from another (liver failure), I mined the impact my addiction had on those I love, particularly my father.

Always, in a house of five, we were a family of two. He was the only one who could make sense of me. So, it was fitting that my father’s past alcoholism defined my addiction. So, after returning home to Colorado to seek his counsel, I learned to accept the dynamics behind my fractured family, who tried to save me even as they faltered and failed my father, years earlier.

I’m a freelance writer, and a blogger for The Huffington Post. Additional essays can be found in The New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post’s ROOT Magazine, The Atlantan, Jezebel, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and sundry others.

May I send the manuscript?