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    Social Media BooK Marketing Query


    I write various mental health articles on Facebook, and Twitter. I also talk to others about my managing anxiety book and articles I have written. Most of my posts go to the same people and fans who already know who I am.

    My question: How Can I reach new people on Facebook and on Twitter. For Facebook I was told I can use Facebook Ads and For Twitter use Hash tags.

    I would like to have a brief discussion with some members at Writers Net on how I can reach (market) new people on these 2 main Social Media Accounts of Twitter and Facebook.


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    Rogue Mutt
    Sure you can use those but you still probably won't get many followers. Most people will ignore your Facebook ad and Twitter hashtags go unnoticed unless it's a popular tag. The only time I get much notice from strangers on Twitter is if I use a popular established hashtag like for a TV show like The Walking Dead or The Flash or something. There's just too much noise on social media for it to be of much use for small-time authors.

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