I've been selling lots of eBooks for over 20 years now, the reason is I created my own network that promotes all my books and authors books that my publishing company publishes.

I'm still a 'small publisher' and I honestly HATE AM AZON for a myriad of reasons including they are stealing authors royalties and that's why I'm suing them for THEFT in an international civil court.

That being said, I'm sick and tired of seeing so much energy of authors and publishers doing nothing but making Am azon bigger. Every time an author or publisher adds another page or post or link to Am azon to sell or give away their work, they are making Am azon 1 page or post or link bigger.

Come on people, your promoting of Am azon has given them 90% control of eBooks, you all created the eBook MONOPOLY that is Am azon.

Just look at this site, programmed to automatically link to them IF you use their name.

First if you are an author or publisher you need to SELL from your own sites so push every page, post and link TO YOUR SITES not to Am azon.

Now I love SM (social media) and I have lots of aged web sites in publishing with social media power klout accounts so now I turned one lose so any author or small pub can post all they want about their titles and within an hour one of my klout accounts auto tweets the post and bingo due to my KLOUT you will be on top of Twitter for what ever genre you write in.

I could have charged for this, but I'm at WAR with Am azon so it is FREE and I will get you to the hard to reach genre pages in ONE HOUR.


So try it, then go to your genre in an hour and bingo you see you are #1 or very close to #1 since Twitter is time sensitive and while 99% of the tweets for genres do not hit the main page, I'm not the only klout power account doing it.


All I ask is DO NOT LINK TO AM AZON or your post will not be approved.


That's the only rule and it's about time we break the monopoly that is Am azon.

Here it is and I created it to battle Am azon and HELP AUTHORS SELL THEIR OWN BOOKS from their OWN SITES.