Okay thanks. Well I was thinking of setting it near where I live, which is Vancouver, Canada, if that city is big enough for that?

Or I might set it in a nameless city, kind of like the movie, Seven. Not sure yet, but definitely a larger city for sure.

I keep rewriting new drafts, so I do not have the situation in it's entirety now, to post.

As for movies to use as inspiration, I am doing something I haven't seen in a movie before in which a cop has to infiltrate a gang of masked men, who are unknown. This is tricky, and I thought the police would be more alert, and more willing to have back up, compared to infiltrating a gang where you already know the members.

In The Departed for example, the captain (Alec Baldwin), is giving a briefing to other officers, and on the TV screen, he has pictures of the gangsters, with names, records and everything.

In mine, the police do not know who any of them are, so this calls for very special circumstances, compared to normal procedure, I am guessing, and I am not sure how to portray such a scenario.