Still trying to wrap my brain around an outline for my story.

PLOT SUMMARY: Bowie is an 18-year-old college freshman, and the heir to the throne of his his uncle, the uber-conservative Mayor of his blue-collar, Irish-Catholic hometown. However, he has realized he's gay, which threatens his uncle's power and his ascendancy. Takes place in 1994. It's in third-person omniscient.

CHAPTER 1: This actually takes place near the end of high school. It's at a banquet at an Elks Hall where Bowie wins a scholarship. We meet him, his uncle (powerful, Irish-Catholic), his aunt (maternal, but ruthlessly gossipy), his mother (super liberal, but super smug and aloof). It's established Bowie is uncomfortable around his peers but thrives when next to his uncle as it gives him power; his aunt and mother hate each other; and that he was undeserving to win the scholarship and only did so because of his uncle and aunt's corruption. And it ends with us realizing Bowie has some form of depression.

CHAPTER 2: Bowie is at college (a nearby state school). He's having difficulties adjusting -- lonely, etc. He finally goes to a party with a few of his "friends" (it's a very awkward fit), gets drunk, brings a girl back to his room but can't perform. She leaves. He's whimpering and decides to go for a walk in town. There, he discovers a gay bar. And he reluctantly goes in, as he can't keep denying this secret he's been harboring.

Would the end of Chapter 2 be the inciting incident? Some things I've read said it should be in the first chapter. The first chapter isn't all that long and introduces most of the main players and the theme (the quest for power vs. the quest of being true to yourself). It's not a prologue (trying to avoid that).

Chapter 2 ends with the protagonist making a decision that changes his life and it sets the rest of the plot in action.

For the rest of the first act, the plot was going to be carried by Bowie meeting a guy at the bar, finding himself as comfortable around him as he does in a position of political power, loses his virginity, with the final plot point deciding he's in love and accepts he's gay. There might be a chapter in there providing some more background about his hometown and family history (important to develop why his sexuality could ruin everything; sets up the rivalry between his mother and his aunt/uncle and gets into their motivations).

The second act revolves around his mother and aunt/uncle each pulling him in different directions, and forcing him to make a choice between the two. It ends with that choice (closeting himself at the behest of his aunt/Uncle).

The third act are the ramifications of that choice -- how his aunt gets to stand triumphant over his mom; Bowie climbs to the throne, but realizing his secret isn't going to stay quiet forever as he can't deny who he is.

But does the end of Chapter 2 seem like an inciting incident to jump the plot?

Thanks so much!