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    Question about credits

    I apologize for posting this here since it's not where it should be, but I don't have access to the query forum despite registering for the forum. As I'm getting ready to query my first full length novel to agents I'm curious as to the best way to list my publishing credits. So far with the small presses I've used I just rattle off the list of publishers that have purchased my pieces. Is that the way to go? Or should I be listing the publishers as well as the title and date of the published works? I've never been quite clear on this.

    Also, since my love story (would I tell the agent that's the genre?) is loosely based on real events should I mention that as well?


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    A couple of points.

    No one cares if it's based on fact. Works are accepted on the basis of being professionally written and in the genre the agent/publisher favors. The ony thing that mentioning that would do is make them hesitant, since the people in the story might take legal action.
    Of course you tell them the genre, just as you would send only to agents active in that genre.
    You tell them of your publishing history that's relevant to the writing you're querying for. They want to be able to check how well it sold, and what critical reviews you got (professional, not what readers on Amazon said). So if your sales were to free online magazines and journals, don't mention them as they are not looked at as publishing credit. In general, if you weren't paid for the work it doesn't count.

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