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    eBook Cover Design

    Designing a cover for my eBooks are harder than I imaged. Whatever I do, it looks amateurish. I'm really not that artistic so it's one of my weak spots.

    How or who do some of you published authors use to create your book cover??


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    Rogue Mutt
    I generally make mine in PowerPoint with a stock image, usually from Fotolia and then put some text on it. If you want something more elaborate there are sites like Fiverr where you can either get something premade or hire someone for not that much. It just depends on what you want.

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    I chose a good father and grandfather who were both artists. I don't have near the talent they had, but I have a bit of an eye, and I've absorbed a lot of good design principles over the years.

    I use Freehand or Illustrator for graphic design. As a matter of fact, I just finished a cover design.

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    Covers are 50% of the battle today to get reader to your page on say Am azon.

    So how it looks in that heap of 1 inch stamped sized images is what gets you most of your traffic.

    Then the info as they open the story must grab them.

    The key to SELLING on the net is LESS IS MORE and very few people understand that.

    Today you see everyone copying a formula that doesn't work well. Basically, cover image, some blurb and then a look inside me.

    The person I know selling more ebooks than anyone does have nice covers, then he does something no one else does, his blurb is reviews then some author hype and then some info on the book.

    He sells the fact others like it, then he pumps the author and then the synopsis from the inside of the book.

    You look inside his book and you see this template that works

    Title page with links to the author and publisher and usually a site for that book.
    A reviews page
    A synopsis page first mentioning major reviews
    An index page

    Then he fills the book with 50 pages of PUBLISHERS SPAM that shows that authors other books in full page beautiful covers and other authors in their stable.

    So where's the first chapter?


    In fact on his own site that has sold tons of eBooks he has never even used a look inside option.

    The book stands on a cover, some reviews from sites and the synopsis.

    Does it work? It sure does I have quite a number of authors in his system.

    So just because Zon does it like this doesn't mean that's the best way.

    A pretty cover that pops as a 1 inch sized image, some blurbs from sites praising the book and then the synopsis, what else do you need?

    Oh you want to read the first chapter? MOVE ON

    Not for some authors that are selling lots of books today.
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