I've heard plenty of times before that people--especially a lot of agents and publishers--aren't hot on the idea of prologues. I'm really neutral on the idea, but lately, I've been wondering if maybe I should go back write one for this novel I'm working on. It would help jump right into my character's troubles and the setting, so it could still have a purpose, just set in the character's distant past.

On the other hand, since I don't have one now anyway, I thought something else I could do was just have the character dream about the same scene and then go ahead into the first chapter proper. But then, I've been told before that I should never start a story with a dream sequence since it will only confuse readers.

Right now, I just have the story opening several years down the line when the character's journey picks up. While I like it this way, since it helps me get right to the point, it makes it hard to organically talk about why she's where she is without info dumping in the middle of a chapter.

Any suggestions or thoughts on what I should do?