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OHk so that can be understood but I have no patience for waiting for years
If you decided to become a professional engineer it would take four years of study after high school to become a beginner on the job. Were you to choose medicine, it would be premed, medical school, and then residency before you could call yourself a doctor. It's seven years before you're a baby lawyer. There is no profession I'm aware of for which you don't have to, as they say, pay your dues.

Talent isn't a magical free ride—a fairy whispering the right answers in your ear. It's an ability to learn the skills needed more easily than most. But talent must be trained. And like anything else, skill takes time, work, and thought.

Problem is you want to be a writer. Reality is that there is no short cut and no magic. You have to become one. And only after you learn your craft and train what talents you have will you learn if you have the necessary abilities. In the adult world, which is where you'll be competing, your work will have to prove better that everyone else's. Only one out of more than a thousand submitted manuscripts is chosen for a publishing slot, so before you even think of getting into that game of musical chairs, you had better be ready to compete as-a-professional. When you query your competition will include people who have been writing for a decade. It will include published writers. It will include people who took university training in commercial fiction. It will include lots of people who say, "I have a great idea for a story, but they don't count because ideas are easy. Writing well enough to hook the writer and make them want to keep turning pages is what's hard.

In other words, to be a successful writer you must first become one. And unless the prospect of working toward that goal over as much time as it would take to earn the title professional in any other profession is acceptable, you have a nice little hobby. but that's all.

Not good news, I knew. But it is the world we work in.