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    Career Destroying Mistakes

    I don't at all know if the problem is there is with someone else as well but I am not at all in a good mood right now, It's not fair I was told I need to work on my grammar so I did. I took a test online and Volla Hundred out of Hundred
    "The perfect marks" blaaaaaaaaaaah I just hate it. Every time in my school the PTMs used to be like
    Teacher: Aizza is fine at her work, her marks are above average and her grammar, even though she knows them well but she is just too careless when it comes to showing her skills. hah, Now what
    My score was the highest in English but as usual a mark deducted in the case even the poorest students didn't have problem with; the dam bloody grammar, I am fine at speaking I can do that well in a country where English of the people of here is the main target of the comedy shows.
    How do I have to get rid of this careless attitude?
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