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    A scene. Guidance please. :P

    Hi all
    I needed help with this one as this was a ... not a chapter, it is longer but a complete scene I was not at all sure about. Trust me I can handle every discouragement :P

    Finally the day ended and I knew my work today , I went to the college early but could not make it ,before Yash Cornell and Candace, I regretted it, for today they were going to be the biggest obstacles and especially Candace, It would be worse for her and it was a tough job to see her in pain and this time I myself would be the biggest pain for her. As I stepped in the college it was quite different for me though there was no change but I had no idea how the things were in the morning. Of course I was always late. Everyone was in the front ground so was Jake and his gang. Ignoring Ms. Jennifer who was also there making faces at me as usual I went to him and told his people to leave, the three supporters of me watched carefully.

    "I honestly don't care how you want to deal with it but still I would like to ask you, for I have no personal rivalry with you that I would empty whole of my revolver on you and will have to manage something else for Jake"

    My words grabbed everyone's attention and Jake's guys vanished somewhere into the way too concerned people.

    "you Jake the joker"

    He remained silent as he was informed about what happened a day before. If I had to change for the rest, then I was already a nightmare for him.

    "now you will spill each and everything you feel and think about me" I said as I grabbed his arm.

    "why" he asked timidly, I was enjoying it for real, at least it was fun to misbehave with him in these dark days.

    I kept my revolver's mouth under his chin and said

    "do what I said or say goodbye to everyone in the next ten seconds, everything real a single lie and you're dead" I kept the gun back in the lower pocket of my leather jacket.

    He started, slowly scarily

    "I hate you" Just then I punched right in his face right on his nose, it instantly turned red, I was sure he head done something for the black heads and whatever that 'something' was it was on my hand.

    'Blond hairs, girly eyes and lots of face powder. Oh god, finish me the moment it's revealed he is a girl, he is not one at least I can hope'

    The thought was almost on my face.

    Miss Jennifer tried to come in between but before she could Yash blocked her way and said

    "right now he is out of his mind and he has a revolver and he wouldn’t hesitate using it, stopping him is risking your life next I would leave you way" he said and got aside. The problems were serious for me yet he did it reluctantly.

    Miss Jennifer didn’t dare to come to me as to whom wasn’t life precious?

    I had punched him so hard that he had no hold of himself, it my just my grip that had made him stay up.

    "don’t stop, go ahead"

    He got back on his own and prepared for some beating he continued

    "you are a spoilt brat, I always feel like killing you whenever you groan over a problem, you have crossed limits of unthankfulness" and he got a smash on the other side of face. yikes, under that pale complexion were his pimples, I had to wipe my hand. Everyone watched it in terror except for Candace who wasn’t at all feared but astonished and worried for me.

    "you have had everything you wanted till yet, down on earth were just the ones who wondered about you, you were always somewhere high" he sounded like much of those 'normal people' to whom I did not deserve to remove a smile from my face, obviously to them I had no problem.

    I kicked in his stomach, he hugged himself tight tight but as to my instructions he could not stop.

    "you have lived like a prince but I have been in the bad guys I had to see the negative points only or else you are not at all what you show yourself" I didn’t do anything on that and said

    "complete it"

    He collected all his courage and said

    "you are no longer the same" and he bent down his head

    I tilted my neck to my shoulder and said

    "that.." I pulled his shirt and from the back and bumped his head into the wall. I left him and was about to leave when from all the people who stood there it was Candace who came to me everyone including me watched her bravery in surprise. Yes it was bravery because of the people who would love to run away, she wasn’t scared but was just up to showing me the attitude I had expected from her. She was much more affected by those last words of Jake. I kept looking into her eyes, expressionless; while Cornell and Yash helped Jake up,

    "what's wrong with you Kevin why are behaving so wild?"
    Everyone started to freak out as she had done the daredevil's work just while she quaked me gripping my shoulders I somehow managed not to break down and said

    "learn to accept changes. You will get many in life"

    "I won't accept this nasty change, I don't want you I need my devil back" she said with a sorrow and anger.

    "I am sorry but you can't"

    I said and brushed past her.h
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