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    Smile Simultaneous submissions question


    I have a question about simultaneous submissions.

    Per some writer's guidelines for agents and/or publishers, they do not want simultaneous submissions. If the guidelines show it may take a few months for a response, are you supposed to wait to hear back from them before submitting the same query to another agent or publisher?

    I think it would be in my best interest to send my query to as many agents and publishers as I can, right?

    Any thoughts on this? Thank you!

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    With agents, you can submit as many simultaneous queries as you like. (All would prefer to get "exclusive" queries, but only a newbie with a few centuries to waste grants them.) It is NOT necessary that you mention in your query letter that you are submitting to multiple agents; they all know how the game is played.

    As for book publishers, that's a different situation. In an ideal world, you would not query agents and publishers at the same time; that can make it sticky if the agent you land discovers you've already trolled his favorites editors. Unless you target specific editors, the larger publishers aren't likely to read your query letters anyway. Smaller publishers (aka "independents") and university presses are more accessible and can be trolled without going through an agent; follow their guidelines.

    Magazine submissions are a different story; like small presses, they're pickier, so follow their individual guideliness.

    ETA: Janet Reid gives good info on the querying process.
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