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Child, you just demonstrated how little you know about the profession you claim to practice. Had you actually talked to an agent, or a publisher, attended a conference, or belonged to an actual writer's group—one that has pros as members—you would know all that without my having to tell you. Had you had even the sense to read the article I linked to you, would have seen, "We write all these books, how-to articles, and blogs,” they groan. “We travel coast to coast giving workshops and telling writers what to do and what not to do. Are these efforts making a difference? No,” they moan. “Our offices are still being flooded with the same kind of amateur submissions.”

But forget that. The current rejection rate for books that will appear in your local bookstore is 99.9+%. It should not take a genius to figure out that the vast majority of those, which are rejected before the end of page one, are not professionally written. But apparently, you didn't.

Without fail. I post something and there you are, in high dudgeon, filled with outrage, but without a clue.
I wouldn't call that "outrage." It's just amusing that you think everyone needs to have sources to post a critique and yet when it comes to this you post a bunch of made-up stats.

Anyway, I guess compared to you most everyone would be a child. lol