so I'm 70k into my first draft of my first novel I have ever written (or at least gotten this far to finishing).

I do my best to write and write the story. I try not to focus too much on making everything that makes it what it should be perfect. I just want to finish my first draft and least get the story down.

But when I stop for a second and reflect on the words I'm spewing. I think about what I want to do when I do a rewrite.

Then I wonder if I should actually just start fixing that **** now.

Is that a bad idea?

Should I get the story just finalized then worry about these stupid ass thoughts later?

To sum it up. Should I spew the **** first time around then fix it. Or, now that I have some major idea's and changes should I stop and go back and change it.....

I gotta stop typing on this forum when I'm drinking Jack.

Jay? Rogue? I would like another debate...haha.