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    Masked killer slasher horror

    Hey guys,

    I have a horror story I wish to turn into a trilogy - I am unsure on whether it would be suitable for a book and I would be very interested in hearing your opinions.

    Two killers, both masked attack the victims in their homes - the masks are for a specific reason besides hiding identities, to do with an early childhood experience that changes the course of the killers lives from that point onward.

    The killings are set out of a revenge and a need to fit in (believe it or not). I anticipate based upon my plans so far that in each instalment/book there will be around 4-5 murders.

    I've read that too much gore, too many killings can put readers off - does it sound as though I am intending to put in too many killings in each instalment in your opinion?

    It will be a trilogy - however the story panning out over the three instalments will have its differences on, for example, what is done with the bodies of the dead, amongst other things, so that each has it's variances and therefore does not become repetitive but at the same time completes the story over the course of the three instalments.

    Please reply and let me know what you think on the number of killings - and also, what you think of a masked killer holding a physical weapon. Old? Boring? Scary still? Depends how it is done? Or why? Would you pick it up and read if it caught your eye and that was the story line on the back of the book? Anything you would like to share, please do! I'm on twitter if you would like any updates also, WriterBeyRyan.

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    First you need to decide if you plan on writing three books or one book with three sections. With the limited info you gave us, I would go with the latter.

    That may help you decide how much is too much in the way of victims. Are these victims connected or chosen at random? Who's POV are you using? The killers or the cops?

    Plot the flow of your story with an outline and see where it takes you. A good story has a beginning, middle,and end. That doesn't mean it can't continue in other books, but it has to be really good for a reader to buy more than one book so if you make it too boring or too gruesome you risk losing interest which is why I vote for just one book.

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    Thank you Musketter 3 - Apologies for the limited info, I'm weary of saying too much! I will give a little more to hopefully clarify..

    The first instalment is set around the time of graduation from high school. The second and third are a year later.

    The outline of the story is plotted, throughout all three instalments/sections. From the very start, beginning with flames.. To the very end, ending with water.

    A brother and sister lose their mother and father to a fire in their home around ages 5-6. They are adopted by their Aunt who lives and teaches in the same village.

    The sister suffers facial burning and, allowing with the feeling of being different due to the trauma of her early life experiences, struggles to fit in and is outcast due to her facial appearance, only her brother talks to her at school.

    At an early age she struggles, her brother presents her with two masks from his wardrobe, one white and one black. He asks her which one she prefers but we do not see which she chooses, we only see her stumble upon them again at the end of high school.

    Failing to fit in, things happen that worsen the scenario through bullying. Her brother, Shaun, then disappears just before her 18th birthday seemingly wanting to escape his life - sick of the small town, sick of the struggle, feeling like he is going nowhere and fantasising about living in a paradise - his favourite song is Guns n Roses Paradise City. But not after having asked her the question upon her crying following a bullying episode that leaves her facial scars visible to her tormentors and causes her to miss her graduation ceremony: 'What would they have done in our position?' He asks.
    She continues to stare at him, motionless, speechless. Her index and middle fingers tucked under her nose to cover the watery mucus running downwards. 'Do you think they would be so strong?' he asks, 'Would they survive? Waking in the middle of the night - no parents - house on fire. What would they do?' He continues once more, 'Do you think they would make it out alive.. Look how far we have come.'

    Growing up in the same village, a fictional town in Indiana called Oakington, she, Stephanie, scrapes through ascertaining her high school diploma and shies away from the world, no university, no job. Needing time to come to terms with her life and her brother disappearing she doesn't want to integrate into society, fearing it would be the same as high school.. She receives a note enticing her to deal with her problems. And she is convinced, under the influence of it's words, that the only way to move forwards with most peers leaving the area to continue studying elsewhere, is by killing off the rest.

    Two of them, at night, one wearing a white mask, the other wearing the black one. Identical fire proof clothes but of different colours. Weapons in hand, they murder.

    All the while you have their Aunt and a fellow teacher beginning a relationship, having to deal with Stephanie's reclusive behaviour, Shaun's disappearance, deaths in the town and the fact they just want to start a family and be happy together.

    The story will begin with Shaun and Stephanie's viewpoints, but ultimately will switch between characters as the Sheriff becomes involved, and in particular, when his daughter is attacked.

    All welcome to share thoughts, like, dislike, praise, criticise. :-) There are more details to the story but I would not go any further I feel than that of which I just have.. But I am happy to discuss. Thank you for reading.

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