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    Mar 2015

    "Elma's Garbage Can" hits four-star status on ShortnScaryStories.com!

    "Elma's Garbage Can" hits four-star status on ShortnScaryStories.com. Read and review at will.

    Also, my new novel, Black October, will be for sale in the fall at BookBuyers chain-bookstore in California.

    Go check it out if you live out where the sun always shines.

    You may find my novel, Ouija, also on the book display.

    Good prices, good reads.

    Check it out, this fall!

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    Nov 2012
    Congrats, but I'm locking this thread. I'm doing well to let you have your other thread about it reaching 3 stars, as there's no point to the thread really but to advertise. Be glad to have it.

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