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    chapter length consistency

    Okay I have a bunch of questions

    Is it important to keep chapter lengths consistent?

    I intentionally made the first chapter short at 1500 words. I did it as an introduction in away.

    But, my goal was to keep chapters to about 3k. I'm failing with that. The proceeding ones have been hitting up to 5k. I get that will be dwindled down after an edit.

    Anyways, is it okay, in your opinion to have longer chapters, but then throw in a very quick short chapter in between?

    What are the limits. How many words are too low? Is 1k too low? What do you think is too high?

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    Rogue Mutt
    There are no limits. Some people don't use chapters at all.

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    No limits on chapter size. I have read books that have the occasional one page chapter and others that never fall below 20 pages. the word count in a chapter does not have to be consistent either. It is reasonable to think that some events, concepts and conversations take more words to convey than others. Editing can increase word count when you find something has been missed or not explained properly. As a reader I like the occasional short chapter, because then I decide I have time to read a bit more before stopping. I try to use word count while writing as a guide to indicate how much I have done and have left to do for my novel.
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