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    Writers block... kinda

    Ok. Sorry guys, I'm spamming these threads.

    I have a ton of this story in my head. A lot of future scenes.

    Here is my problem. The current scene I'm writing is somewhat important, but I am having a hard time getting past and finalizing it.

    So what is the best course of action. Do I say screw it, write future scenes. Or do I just write this scene, that will probably be made up of some REALLY ****ty writing. Then after that move forward and come back to it and fix it?

    I am not against writing out of order when I have something in my head. That's not the problem. But I need to get this down on paper in order to feel this story. Maybe this isn't making sense.


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    Maybe that was more a vent, than a question.
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    Rogue Mutt
    Just write it and edit later. Hem always said first drafts are $hit.

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    Senior Member Gilfindel's Avatar
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    If nothing else, write down an outline of what's supposed to happen in the chapter so that you have a foundation to come back to later.

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    Whenever this happens to me I put down a few points of what I know I want to happen and then I move on to write the next part. I find my brain will work on things subconsciously while I do something else, whether it be writing, playing with my kids or watching the rain. The answer will then come to me within a day or two and I go back and add the material. It's all about finding what works for you. Try one method and if nothing happens in a day or two then try something else.
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