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    Sarah Book Publishing

    Does anyone have any experience with Sarah Book Publishing?

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    They sound a little dicey to me. Here's a something from a member at Absolute Write:

    From the Sarah Book Publishing website:

    Sarah Book Publishing is an online publisher with a traditional touch. Sarah Book Publishing prides itself on working with writers to publish quality books. Unlike many of the online publishers, Sarah Book Publishing requires no money up front and strives to find exceptional material to publish.

    Sarah Book Publishing is the ideal full-service book publishing company for authors around the globe. Committed to providing superior customer service in book publishing, Sarah Book Publishing assigns each author a personal book manager who will guide authors through the production, marketing and sales process. Through our publishing process, authors always maintain creative control of their book.

    Headquartered in Harlingen, Texas, Sarah Book Publishing’s friendly professionals are always available to help. For more information about Sarah Book Publishing, or to begin publishing your book today, call [redacted].

    Red flag: offers "services" but no prices. If they're a no cost publisher, that's great, but "services" implies to me that there might be an exchange of money at some point.

    They are linked to a printing operation, which seems to mean print on demand copies.

    They have the same phone number as "Digital Print Shoppe" in Brownsville, TX, which is 38 miles from their HQ in Harlingen, TX.

    There are about 13 fiction titles with prices ranging from 6.95-19.95. About the same number of titles are in other categories combined.

    No page counts are given.
    No info on a book's page whether it's a digital or print.
    No sample previews to read except on Amazon for the title I looked up.
    No option (on the one book I checked in detail) to buy as print or digital. This is offered on Amazon.
    I clicked on the highest and lowest cost fiction. There was free shipping on the both. Not a big deal if it's a digital download, but a very big deal to readers paying 20 bucks for an ebook from an unknown writer.

    Looked an interesting title up on Amazon where the print is 19.95, the Kindle digital is 9.99, has an estimated page count of 330 on the Kindle edition.

    Considering I've a 320-page (Createspace) book selling for 14.00, the extra markup does not impress me.

    The higher price might defray the "free shipping" from the Sarah website however, this doesn't defray shipping if you buy it via Amazon.

    They offer 12.5 to 15% royalties, which is no match for DIY authors who can get 70% from Kindle. Can't tell if this is for both formats or if they offer a higher royalty on digital versions. Most commercial publishers offer 25%, which is still not competitive for a DIY, but a commercial house pays an advance and can get your print book into stores.

    The question is whether their editorial services and listing on a website are worth giving them the lion's share of earnings.

    Sarah Book Publishing offers professional services to guide authors through the production, marketing and sale of their book. Services are provided by industry experts with years of experience in book publishing.

    No names of those "industry experts" are mentioned, therefore one can't ascertain if this place has anyone on staff who does indeed have professional publishing experience.

    Sarah Book publishing requires no money up front. Submit your manuscript and our professionals (names and curriculum vitae, please?) will work with you to achieve published success! All authors receive assistance with promoting and selling their book and are guaranteed 12.5 to 15% royalties on a quarterly basis. All books will be available in print and digital formats at a wide range of retail outlets including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

    I read a few pages of one of the books and while there were no glaring grammar errors or typos, the writing did not engage this editor's attention and it was a topic I'm interested in. There's an audience for such a book, but the 9.99 Kindle price? Um, none for me, thanks. I'll pay that much for writers I know. Maybe.

    Ten gushing 5-star reviews were in place, but no reviews from PW or others. I rather suspect the author tapped friends for the gush. Nothing wrong with that, but too much gush can work against a writer if people suspect sock puppetry at work. But that's one book on the site, the author's problem and nothing to do with the publisher.

    They've been in business at least since 2011 and nothing pops up when I google the name + complaints.

    None of this is bad, but writers can do better in their choice of publishing options.

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    I agree with John.

    What benefits do you gain from publishing with this company? An author can self-publish an ebook and receive up to 70% of the purchase price. You can also publish your own print book. You also keep all rights, instead of signing them away, possibly forever. The main advantage (IMO) with traditional publishers is their distribution. But they're not a traditional publisher.

    Be very careful and do your research. Good Luck!!!
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