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Thread: Fear of Living.

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    Fear of Living.

    How crazy is it, that people are out there, living in fear
    of the only things that can't kill them.
    But then again society is crazy, our kids go to war,
    into lands so very far,
    for a pat in the back and a meaningless thank you.

    There are people out there, who get in their cars,
    and face the mad traffic of rush hour,
    but don't show them a spider!
    No that would be foul.

    But the biggest fear, the fear of living,
    dominates the spirits of the weak.
    “It's a sin! It's a sin!” they yell.
    Oh they don't know sin,
    sin is to breathe and eat, and forget to live.

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    This is just prose chopped into stanzas. Nothing much poetic about it. Plus, I think I pretty much disagree with your viewpoint, though I can't be sure. It's pretty murky.

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