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    The Chronicles of Erika Lorenz

    Hey everyone,

    Here is a brief overview of my series The Chronicles of Erika Lorenz. Just looking for thoughts and feedback. The first novel in the series is already out and available on Amazon.

    Bill Draig spent most of his time at work until he was promoted to Network Administrator at the Vasquez Corporation. During his promotion party Bill meets a mysterious redhead that changes his life. Drunken sex that night leads to a rare STD known as the Vorcino Virus. Commonly called the Vampire Virus, Bill finds himself on the run from local authorities. While on the run, Bill meets the three people who will forever change his life. Vasille Fontenouix, once a great military leader now governs a hidden group of Infected who attempt to blend in with society. Erika Lorenz, a college student with dreams of joining state government. Constantine Collins, a brilliant scientist who lost his mind to the disease after years of being infected. Constantine is certain of Billís role in fulfilling a two decade old prophecy. They key is Billís ancestor, Vlad Dracula. Will Bill become the Immortal of prophecy or fade into history as just another Infected?

    Itís been six months since the tragic events of A Beast Within. Erika has taken center stage and is left all alone. Erika struggles to keep her friends together while fighting her own mind that has been ravaged with post-traumatic stress. Constantine threatens to take over the city which brings national attention and militarization of Shelton. Now Erika must learn to control her new abilities under the threat of a purge. New friends do their best to help, but soon the city of Shelton finds itself a warzone. During the hostilities, Erika is captured. Will Constantine win after all?

    Itís been three months since the events of A Beast Reborn and Shelton is still the site of an active warzone. Laura and her allies fight off Constantine while Erika struggles to free herself from a test lab with no windows. It quickly becomes clear that the Infected are not considered human after a set of diabolical tests are run. Known as The Blood Experiments, these tests will take Erika to the edge in every way possible. The goal of those in charge is to find the breaking point of the Infected when it comes to their blood addiction. Erikaís survival rate is quickly dropping, but if she survives she could become something completely new.

    The last novel in the series, A Beast Emerges takes place towards the end of the war with Constantine. His victory seems assured until Erika finds her way back into Lauraís camp. Now with new hope and Erikaís new found strength they fight to save the city from Constantineís grip and to restore peace between the humans and themselves. Erika must fight Constantine in one last battle that will determine the fate of all vampires in Shelton, Oregon. It is during this battle that we find out Erikaís true abilityÖshe has become immortal.

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    Rogue Mutt
    I'm pretty sure you can be sued for using an image from Amazing Spider-Man 2 as your cover. Go to a stock photo site like Fotolia or Shutterstock or try somewhere like DeviantArt to get yourself a legal image. And use a better font. Honestly it's hard to believe anyone would pay $9.99 for something that looks so unprofessional.

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    Ignore the droog as much as you can but the cover could use some work.

    I am sorry but I don't understand the reason for this post. It strikes me as just advertising to attempt to get people to buy your book. It is very disjointed and sort of chucks in new characters every sentence. If it is meant as advertising copy it needs a lot of work, starting with your title character. She seems kind of lost there in the middle of the paragraph.

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