Another old poem from my slightly younger years. Wrote this one whenever I was completely fed up with trying to convince a friend he was making a terrible mistake. Go ahead and rip it apart guys, don't let me down. Haha :P I will say that probably my favorite part, even if it isn't great poetry, is the psychology behind the message. Let me know what you think.

You were told about that wall.
The very one that will cause a great fall.
Maybe you donít realize itís a wall,
Which means you have nothing to lose at all.

You either never had it, or never wanted this.
Perhaps you put blinders on to increase the bliss.
Hoping that somehow you might miss.
You conjure up an excuse for all of this.

You pushed the boundaries of reason to justify the act,
But itís still a wall, and that is a fact.
You couldnít keep your emotions intact,
And now you let go of the philosophies you once backed.

In the end, itís still a wall that everyone gets hung.
You should have heeded the warning, and bitten your tongue.
Some do not scream by avoiding it, and spare a lung,
And some, just start dating too young.