Hi Everyone. I'm new to this site and was excited to see a poetry group here. So I thought I would introduce myself and share one of my poems.

Three Things I Can't Tell My Father

1. in Bellingham
running naked but for cotton panties down my street
barefoot past the 24 hour pawn shop,
past the dark Osaka sushi bar with its tea garden,
over the Northwest Avenue bridge
and into the blackberry brambles
where the hobos sleep amongst washing machine lids
and salvaged plastic tarps,
down stray cat paths toward
the ocean.

behind me, in the open front door of my rented house,
the boyfriend,
with a warm marble of whiskey rolled about in his mouth,
rimming the edge of his words,
the pistol handled shotgun,
the dry flat thump thump of the barrel in his upturned hand.

2. my bedroom
the only room in the house where my older brother
could not hear those little evils in his head,

so he slept on my floor
curled into himself on a blanket
a dispirited dog,

some nights I held him
when he had one hand spread to the floor
and one a fist pressed to his ear
the knuckles pulled white and taut
as the faces of saints
or lesser angels.

3. before leaving for college
we walked through an art garden after dark,
the white forms almost featureless and utterly smooth,

my father's friend kissed me
while my parents and his wife and child leisurely strolled away from us,

the raw disk of his tongue slipped into me,
a confession letter under a door,
his hand on my ass,

it was so brief
and when my breath came back
i blew out a tiny yellow bird,

a little golden lie
for my father.