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    Silly question regarding copyrighted characters

    Hello, all.

    So I write using a lot of public domain characters but I've wanted to include copyrighted personas as well. I know I can't outright state that it's the same character, but to my knowledge, I can strongly imply it's the character.

    For example, in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alan Moore included Harry Potter but did not call him by name and dropped subtle hints like how he had a scar on his forehead and how he went to a magic school.

    I'm going to include a copyrighted character (Waldo, from Where's Waldo) but I won't be using his name and instead will refer to him as "Agent W" and just describe his appearance. My question is whether I can state elsewhere that it's the same character. Like, let's say I'm being interviewed for a blog, and someone asks me "Is Agent W supposed to be Waldo from Where's Waldo?" If I say yes, is that considered copyright infringement? Sorry if that all sounds confusing

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    Rogue Mutt
    Being interviewed for a blog? Wow you're really putting the cart before the horse. Maybe write the book first, sport, and then worry about the interviews.

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    Thanks for the excellent answer! Really appreciate your helpful insight!

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    Senior Member Gilfindel's Avatar
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    It would probably be safer to say that Agent W was inspired by Waldo.

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