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Thread: Bad dog!

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    Bad dog!

    I want to say that usually these endless holiday meals (reader knows it's holiday) consisted of yelling, screaming, arguing, insults, fighting and unending courses of rich food. But this time someone brought a badly behaved (reader knows dog is badly behaved) to the event.

    But I think the wording is awkward. I'd prefer to keep one sentence buy suggestions appreciated.

    The addition of the dog’s presence to the usual arguments, insults, and yelling, combined with unending courses of rich food, put the finishing touch on what now resembled a Barbarian bacchanal.

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    A bacchanal is typically associated with drunkenness and orgies, but okay, exaggeration for humor. They also drank and had dessert didn't they? I think I'd alternate the elements of the meal with the behavior of the guests to kinda show it lasted throughout the meal and afterwards, and I'd move the dog closer to "the finishing touch". So something like this:

    With the usual rich food, arguments, drinking, insults, dessert, and yelling, the dog added the finishing touch to what now resembled a Barbarian bacchanal.

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