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    Help with classification of short story

    So, I've written this short story and I have no idea where to even begin sending it out for submission. Basically, the story is about a guy with a really large penis. He explains the details of his life and how all the girls were so interested in seeing it. He recounts one story when he showed it to a girl. There's a sex scene in the story, but it's not really erotica. I thought maybe erotica when I was done writing it, but then I read some of the erotica being published and that stuff is far more graphic and sexually centered than what I wrote.
    I've never written anything like this before and I contemplated why I wrote it and it kind of hit me all at once. The story is really about how people who are considered "lucky" or "blessed" really aren't. I'm talking about television and movie celebrities, multi-millionares and genius creative types. Everyone thinks these people are lucky, but really they are plagued by more problems than the average person because they are, in some fundemental way, different from the rest of us.

    I would just give this up as a lost cause, but honestly, I think the story is really very good. I hate to just throw it in trunk and move on. I just have no idea where to send it to.

    If it would help, I could post the beginning of the story on the writing critique thread.

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    Rogue Mutt
    There are plenty of ezines out there. Try a few literary ones first and if they don't like it then maybe try some more erotica-themed ones. If all that fails just put it on Tumblr or Wattpad or something.

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    What's the purpose and/or resolution of the story? Sometimes, either the purpose or the resolution strongly indicates the genre. But if you had no purpose in mind, and there is no real resolution to the story, I guess go with what Mutt says.

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