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    Bringing the happy feeling back

    I have no clue if what I am about to ask is posted in the right forum or if anyone has experienced this before, but here it is. My question is for anyone who is a writer-seasoned and beginner writers. Do you ever get strung out on writing? Do you ever not see it as fun anymore but you can't bring yourself to quit because there is that nagging feeling to keep going and you still have moments where it is magic again? Plus you start critiquing someone else's work or get a fleeting idea and then it is like Christmas and fat comfort food all rolled into one. What do you do to bring that excitement back into writing? Do you go back to the beginning where it all started, work on something of your own, or just push on?

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    This is a good question, and I would imagine that every writer has their own unique way to spark their interest if ever they start to lose it. For me, I usually keep the interest going by listening to certain kinds of music or watching TV shows that stir the creativity. I will many times think to myself during a movie, "What could I have done to make that even better?". Usually that is how I stay going. Sometimes it's just the disgusting feeling I know I would get if I simply didn't finish what I started.

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    I read what I know to be very good writing - either Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, or Twain are my favorites. If it does not spur me to actually write, it at least stokes the desire to emulate.

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