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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanne Gassman View Post
    One solution is to find critique partners. You trade your work with another writer and provide him feedback in exchange for his feedback. A lot of people post requests for critique partners on the Agent Query and QueryTracker forums. You could start there. Be aware, though, that a good critique partner should do more than proofread. You want someone who will look at such things as POV, plot development, sentence structure and flow, etc.

    In general, a critique partner won't take your work to the same level as a professional editor, but it's a good start. Proofreading is only a tiny function of good editing. A professional editor will help you with story development, spelling, syntax, grammar, POV, dialogue, narrative, the use of metaphor and simile, and more. All of that takes expertise and lots of time--time to read the work carefully, time to possibly remap the storyline, time to analyze the writer's use of language, etc. That's why a professional editor isn't free.

    I like the thought of having a fellow writer look over your work. It would be an excellent way to get some good insight for what your story or book needs.

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    My aunt tried out a proofreader that she was thrilled with! It won't let me post the URL but the website is Professional Book Proofreading .com, I have it in my notes for my own reference. My aunt had the manuscript back within a week or two and said she couldn't have been happier with the service. My theory is if you cannot afford an editor, get it as close as you can and spring for a good and reasonably priced proofreader! Good luck and happy writing!

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    You don't have to spend a fortune on an editor. If you are looking for feedback from professionals, you can try #pitmad. You pitch your manuscript to five published authors, and if one of them accepts you as a mentor, they help you with a developmental edit, for free. #pitmad is held several times a year. (Just type it into a google search and the website will be first on the list.) As for proof-reading, fiverr has some decent editors. (Make sure to read their reviews before you hire one.)

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    For free...most of the time, you get what you pay for.

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