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    Moving along (and are they!) 2

    After a midweek, late afternoon lunch, Nick and Carla return to her apartment instead of work. She has magnificent view of WTC (pre 9/11) and ostensibly they will sit on her terrace and look at the sunset.

    I'm not happy with last sentence:

    The next thing I recall about that day is that after some timeless period, I became aware of lying next to Nick in my bed. The coarse hairs on his chest glinted silver in the room now lit only by moonlight. My cat was purring contentedly. Then, I remembered I no longer had a cat! Chicken Little had remained in the house I sold to Susan and Michael. Was that me purring? Even then I knew I would always be able to recapture mentally everything about this moment

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    I know this may sound hum-drum, but what's wrong with "remember"?

    Even then, I knew I would always remember everything about this moment.

    Or how about a little ssssssizzle, lol:

    I felt each sight, sound, and sensation burn itself into my memory.

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    Or another possibility: Even then, I knew I would never forget this moment.


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