I am here to present my recent graphic novel called Night Will Be No More.

Following the untimely death of a loved one, Louis is approached by a stranger, Samuel, with a seemingly impossible proposition. He learns that this cryptic acquaintance is the leader of a group known as the Watchers, an extraordinary syndicate devoted to recovering an artifact called the Codex. Gaining possession of this device enables them to traverse the Nine Gates of Hell, hidden in secret locations on Earth, in order to confront the Dark One and right all of the wrongs that have befallen the world.

Louis joins them in hopes of bringing back the one he lost. As the journey unfolds, he is plagued by recollections of recent events and becomes riddled with doubt at each dangerous encounter they face along the perilous quest.

Night Will Be No More was created in light of inspiration from the renowned classic Dante’s Inferno, with historical and mythological references. Its story is one of faith, love, treachery and death. Its tale is one that will challenge your every belief and test your own will to discover greater truths.

The website for the novel is strikezilla.com.
You can find a copy on Amazon at amazon.com/dp/B00BTF3ZFW.