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    I think the reason you never capitalize terms of endearment is because ANYBODY can be addressed by those terms. You can call a complete stranger "dear" or "kiddo". I have a friend who addresses everyone by "darling". Consider it from the opposite spectrum - terms of disparagement:

    Hey, putz, wake up! - Do you capitalize it if it's not a nickname? Nope.
    I'm not going to be late because chowderhead can't make up her mind. - Capitalize "chowderhead"? Nope.

    Heck, even if terms of disparagement become terms of endearment, you don't capitalize them:

    Don't worry, I'll fix it, darling dunderhead.

    Well, that's my side of the case anyway. So...disagree strongly with Jeanne...but she's still the Grammar Goddess.
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