A Socialist society is being forced by the United States White House Administration. President Salman Usama has promised to “fundamentally transform America”; little did the voters know that his far left agenda would change America from the core principals in which it was founded; striping away freedoms-one Executive Order at a time.

Governor Don Slate of Texas is first to remove his State from the Union and takes the reins of the States that soon follow.

America has not been this divided since the Civil War. As tensions swell and States secede, the President must take a stand.

Will the President use the unmatched strength of the US Military to force the seceding States back into the Union; or bow down and allow a new independence?

A decision will be made…with a shocking twist and unpredictable end.

At 70,000 words, Rise of the South is fiction, except where historical, the people, places and events portrayed are from the imagination of Mark Raines.