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    Pitching novella collection--seeking advice

    I'm preparing to pitch a collection of three related novellas (literary fiction), totaling 96,000 words. However, after reading numerous tips and guides written by agents and published writers, it has occurred to me that this will be incredibly difficult. Such things certainly do get published--I recently read "The Diving Pool" by Yoko Ogawa, which is a "trinovella" collection like my project--but coming from an unknown like me, I doubt I'll be afforded any leniency.

    So my question is: is pitching a novella package like this just too outlandish? If it's possible, how can I make it more attractive in my query letter? I'm confident in the power of my writing and the thematic coherency of the three novellas, and if I can get an agent to start reading my manuscript, I think I stand a chance. The trick is how not to turn them off in the first sentence of my query with the unconventional nature of my project.

    Alternately, I've thought about pitching the longest novella/short novel as a standalone book, but at 42,000 words I'm guessing it won't come across as any more attractive than the novella collection. While there are many great books of literary fiction of a similar length or shorter, the rules of the greats don't apply to new writers seeking representation, and from what I've read 60k is the absolute minimum word count for a first novel.

    Any advice/thoughts on my predicament are welcome!

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    Honestly, I would pitch it to both agents who are receptive to literary fiction and to small presses. There are quite a few small presses that might find this structure appealing. Check out the links at Poets & Writers: http://www.pw.org


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    Look at the acknowledgement pages of books similar to what you are pitching, and try those agents, specifically mentioning that you read and loved what they represented before.

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