Dear ………. (specific name),

I write you because you represented (Title, author)…… and my book is about this subject too.

BULGARIA IN EU: A MATCH MADE IN HELL is a 105 000 word insider’s view of the Bulgarian society. My book can be classified as eurosceptic as it shows how unsuited Bulgaria is to be in one club with the Western countries and how misguided EU attempts are to address this reality. Bulgaria gains significance because the year 2014 will see the work restrictions lifted. There are publications on how many Bulgarians are expected to settle in UK, but there is none about the culture of those coming. The book sheds light on little known facts such as that Bulgarians are just a few generations removed from tribal existence. It covers counter-intuitive mechanisms. For example, in the West law and order go together. In Bulgaria often the enforcement of the law causes disorder. In the West morality and legality go together. In Bulgaria often what’s moral is illegal. In the West the left policies (like high taxation) go against the interest of the rich. In Bulgaria the super rich have become like this thanks to left policies.The book will appeal to those worried about the influx of new emigrants. In some respects it is the topic of the day because, with UK hesitating whether to stay in EU, the new immigration wave may become the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

I am a Bulgarian lawyer and live in Bulgaria. I published hundreds of articles in some of the biggest national newspapers like Trud Daily, Novinar Daily and Pari Weekly. Some of these are available on the web and may be found by googling my name in Cyrillic.

Sincerely yours: