I doubt that anyone here is interested in publishing in Bulgaria (I canít imagine why anybody should be interested in). However, I thought that this might be interesting as a curiosity.

The total print of most books in Bulgaria rarely exceeds 500. More, the books have to be exceedingly cheap or else no one will buy them. We are talking here about a country where the average wage is something like 200 dollars per month. Thus, the price of a book barely covers the cost of its printing. Most authors are happy if they donít have to pay for the publication. So, no matter meagre is their pay, they are satisfied. In this situation itís no wonder that payment rarely exceeds 300 dollars per book.

There are people who call themselves literary agents. They, however, could not possibly survive acting as agents. For even if their fee is not 20, but a 100 percent, that will still not be enough to make a living. On top of it, an Ďagentí here canít realistically expect to sell more than a book per year, if that. For example thereís just one publishing house that (occasionally) publishes something else than textbooks, romance, cheap detective stories and the like. The last are usually pirated or bought for next to nothing from abroad and not domestically written.

No wonder that the so called Ďagentsí usually have other professions and that their agenting consist of charging money for editing manuscripts and for other practices that, in the West, are called dishonest.

The situation is somewhat different with the so called real estate agents in Bulgaria. I'll not go into this here. Still, they too are no real agents and Iíve covered this in my book. Well, Iím not the first to observe that many things in Bulgaria, and in the East generally, are not what they appear to be. Whatís new in my book in this respect is that, as far as I know, Iím the first one to cover the real estate agents who I observed in my profession.

By the way, the book I mentioned, is edited by a native English speaker, so my posts are not fully indicative of the way it is written. But here I talk of the agents, not of it.