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Thread: Never give up

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    I started out with a small house. Or maybe I should say a midsize one, since "small" has been redefined the past 10 years. It's a traditional house that makes offset runs of its books and gets them on retail shelves. While you never know for sure why an acquistion editor takes you on, I think my credit at the small house was a factor in getting contracts later on with the big houses (Cengage first, then Prentice Hall and Wiley). Success of the book may play a part, too. My small press book has been successful (in print 22 years, they want a 7th ed. of it now). I don't know that either small or large houses are easier to approach or more receptive, though. I've been turned down by both.
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    For sure I think it will help. Many congratulations for getting your publishing deal... no matter how small the advance it is a hell of a lot more than most of us are getting! Keep at it.

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    Congratulations...and thanks so much for sharing the words of encouragement. For those of us standing at the bottom and looking up this long, Sisyphean (sp?) slope, it's nice to have confirmation that persistence does pay off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~hem View Post
    I was a somewhat regular poster here a decade or more ago, trying to get an agent, trying to get published. Well, I have a non-fiction published and a novel coming out in spring. So my advice: Don't give up. Keep honing, keep working, and keep writing!
    Wow! congrats. I feel like i'm unpublished, i've had my fiction Realm of gaia's daughter accepted on a site, faced many rejections.... this year i got my food reviews published.
    Check them out: https://sites.google.com/site/organi...aia-s-daughter



    Somewhat mixed emotions... I strongly wish to have a great reputation like the authors i admire. In fact some bestsellers' plots are just ordinary yet they are considered best? hmm... like the plenty of vampire love around.

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