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    I have a question

    Several of my stories are posted on the authorstand.com website for people to read. Are these considered publishing credits and should they be listed as such under my author profile?


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    No, they aren't legit publishing credits because the stories weren't vetted or selected by an independent editor. However, editors of literary magazines may consider them to be "previously published" in that they are over-exposed. A lot of magazines--both print and online--are reluctant to accept material that has been posted in its entirety in a public online forum or on a public website. The magazines want to be the first venue for your publication, not a second choice after thousands of people have read it elsewhere.

    If you are posting work for critique on public sites, it's best not to post the entire piece...


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    Senior Member John Oberon's Avatar
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    Ostensibly, they're "published", but a website is not a publisher. I'd probably just say "If you want to read some of my work, visit authorstand.com." You're talking about your author profile on WN, right?

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