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    I'd have already pulled my hair out if I wasn't so dang self-conscious!!

    I've gotten to a point in a chapter I'm writing that I can't seem to get past and it is about to drive me insane. Sooooo, I was wondering if some of you might be so kind as to help me brainstorm this one out a bit.

    Some background (and I'll try to keep this short): My main character, a 30-something widow, is telling her f-i-l that she is pregnant. Before her husband (his son) died, the two of them conceived a child and she has held off telling people she's pregnant for a number of reasons. But now she is coming up on the six week mark and is moved to let the world know. So the first parental unit she tells is the f-i-l because her husband was his only child. Thus, this will be his only biological grandchild. So she feels like he deserves to be the first to know.

    So, anyway, she has come by his house to visit and she says she has some things to tell him. The first two out of the way, he asks what else there is. That's where I get hung up. Should it be kind of climactic? Like I describe her feeling nervous about telling him because she doesn't want to see him get emotional, etc. Or should she just be like "screw it all" and just tell him she's pregnant--done--next scene?

    any recommendations?

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    Hmm...I like to come into a scene from a slant or angle. The chapter first appears to be about one thing (something not so important) but is really about another thing (something really important). So, if the primary point of the chapter is the announcement of her pregnancy, then I would focus most of the energy on other issues--until she lets the bomb drop. If she's nervous about telling him the news, then have her dwell on something unrelated to the pregnancy. Don't tell us she's nervous. Show that emotion with her actions.

    What is the destination point of your chapter? Where do you want it to end? What effect do you want to leave with the reader? All of this influences the way you should present important information.


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