Im a content manager at a media company. A new site that we are creating is having some trouble meeting its content benchmarks, for launch. So I thought I would share this opportunity with you guys to sell some short works. It is a lot easier than trying to sell a novel and you can build up an audience a lot quicker. So here is one of our ads I hope to see some great stuff from some of you.


A new website now is being made that will bring unpublished authors and listeners together! The premise is simple. The author agrees to give authorization to sell your audio short stories for $3 per download. The author receives a 33% royalty fee. Thatís it! You can start getting paid for your work immediately. And the best part is you pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! There are no hidden fees or contracts to sign.

*Please email for further details or if you have any questions and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Or sign up now at