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    Submitting to The New Yorker


    I'm trying to figure out guidelines, etc, for submissions to the The New Yorker.

    -- I'd like to know whether they'll consider a piece that I've published on my own website.

    -- I'd like to know whether they consider very short fiction -- there's a piece of just over 200 words I'm thinking of submitting.

    -- And any other guidelines.

    Does anyone here know where I can find guidelines on this; or does anyone know the answers to those questions?

    I found 2 links -- neither link covers that stuff; though one does say no previously published work -- so maybe that's a 'no' to my first question:

    -- http://www.newyorker.com/contact/contactus

    -- http://www.condenet.com/mags/newyorker/submissions.html

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    Tayble, pick up a copy of the New Yorker. Somewhere within the magazine they will have their submissions guideline.

    As for no previously published works - yes, that includes a piece you published on your own website.

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    The link you found is comprehensive. The New Yorker doesn't set limits or parameters around fiction length for submissions, although they rarely print flash fiction. You typically see longer stories and novel excerpts. As Lea points out, by publishing your story on your site your story is considered "previously published" -- I suppose you could take the story down, and if your site's not cached well by Google or other search engines (i.e., not searchable), then you could probably submit it.

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    thanks. i made the page into a 'draft' (wordpress), and it looks like google will at some point uncache it: http://support.google.com/webmasters...&answer=164734

    it was already password-protected and i hadn't given anyone the password, so it hadn't even been viewed, but it did appear in google search results.

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    A Wordpress blog is public. In other words, it's available via Google and other search engines for people to read. The password protection prevents people from editing or changing the content of your blog. Only those who know the password can edit content or add posts.

    Anything you post on a public site is considered previously published because of its large exposure to the reading public. Always check the site's public status before you post any work in its entirety.


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