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    Looking to learn more about the entire publishing process. Especially pain points.

    A friend and I like to go around and solve problems. We're both entrepreneurs and we think that there is massive potential in the way the literary business can evolve to align with our world's rapidly changing technology. We firmly believe that there must be a way for us to design a system in which everyone wins. Our dream is to bring the power of the written word to all corners of the world in a way that was unimaginable before, and in a way that rewards everyone along the entire stream.

    We're looking for information on how we can make life easier and more profitable for all of you. From inception to publication to seeing your work being sold and consumed by readers, old and new.

    I understand that this is a very general question, but sometimes we must ask general questions in the beginning to get the lay of the land, if you will.

    So, feel free to chime in with any and all problems concerning the process of ultimately getting your book sold. We've got wide open ears and eyes and our brains are always churning.

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    In other words, while you may want to provide this . . . you currently don't have a clue and are looking to pirate other peoples' ideas.

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