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Thread: Editing

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    Senior Member Miranda Clementine's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by John Oberon View Post
    Hooooly cats. I guess that fellow can write, ey?
    Just a little.
    Even those who make their living in dreamland must do their chores in the real world.
    -Scarlett Rice

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    Senior Member John Oberon's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Columbus, Ohio
    I just radomly turned to his discription where the nasties float out of John Coffey's mouth...clean and clear as a razor cut. Geezo.

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    May 2011
    Has anyone read his 'Dark Tower' series? I really enjoyed that

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    Member Tanya Bell's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    I read Wolves of the Calla and enjoyed it. I haven't gotten around to reading the rest of the series yet.
    Last edited by Tanya Bell; 05-02-2012 at 02:11 PM.
    One step at a time.

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    Aug 2010
    Interesting thread and I gotta toss my two cents in (just remember, my opinion is worth what you paid for it). For me, Stephen King is like pizza - there really is no bad pizza (though I'm sure someone will want to prove their independence by posting something to the contrary), there are only varying degrees of good pizza, and of course, there are some very awesome pizzas.

    Hands down, the best Stephen King novel is Salem's Lot. I loved Christine... it took me to high school again. IT was extraordinary and though I never lived in the '50s, I certainly felt like I'd been there. Pet Sematary is still the ultimate zombie book and is the epitome of horror. Under The Dome demonstrated King's ability for character development, but the ending was a tad bit deflating. Even The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon left me with a smile.
    What I love about Stephen King is that he doesn't just tell a story, he actually takes you there, no matter what it is. I'd give anything for just a fraction of that guy's talent.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. As you can tell, I really like pizza.


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