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    Any success with e-short stories?

    I'm trying to write some short stories to sell for 99 cents each on Smashwords.com. Does anyone have any experience (and hopefully success) with selling individual pieces under 10,000 words? I know it's not going to be life-changing, but if I can get a chunk of Facebook friends to shell out a buck for a story, it would be worth it and keep me busy this summer. Also, I'd be happy to share it with anyone ahead of time for some honest feedback (it's around 5,600 words after the 2nd draft).


    (I'm also happy to report that as of today the e-version of Don't Wear Shorts on Stage is now available on Apple books along with the other places.)

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    Hi Rob!
    I've published a short story in Amazon.de because I live in Germany and it's selling OK, but I'm not sure if the reason is that I've published 3 novels too. I think people read the novels, google the author an then read the story. I'm not sure about your pricing, though. Here in Germany, you have to opt for the 35% version and go for a low price in novels, if you want to be bought and read as an indie-author. You wouldn't be earning a buck per story at this rate. If you're curious, you can see my books in Amazon.de under my penname Elisa Ellen. They're doing pretty fine, by the way. The short story is the one with the goose on the cover. You can see that it is much further down the bestseller lists than the novels. Hope this helps!

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