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    As far as biographies go, the author researches, checks facts, cites sources, etc.--not to mention the extensive work of the editors.

    You're writing an autobiography? Are you a celebrity? If not, good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig CPM View Post
    Thanks Gary for going further and clarifying your meaning. So then going along with this logic, how do you reconcile the existence of countless autobiographies and biographies, and so many authors going ahead and publishing...?
    What does that question have to do with using real names in autobiographies? Can you name an autobiography that used fake names? If it's a true autobiography, you can't hide your life--or the people who were in it.

    But the answer to this question is that libel and slander are on a sliding scale. The more fame you have the less you are protected from libel and slander. The more private and unknown you are the more you are protected. I'm just assuming here that you aren't talking about major celebrities in your life or you wouldn't be asking the question in this venue (and related to Jena's post, if you aren't a celebrity talking about celebrities "rots of ruck" selling 10 copies of it). And this is just the legal angle of the question. When you start trashing people in your real life--whether by name or ill-disguished fake name--you inevitably are rubbing against other people in your life that you both know. You want to see a war among family and friends using you for a battleground? Just badmouth someone in print who is commonly known. And once you've done it, that genie don't go back in the bottle.

    And I don't feel the need to argue with you on this--make your own mistakes and face up to the resultant music yourself.

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