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    simba major
    "Limited third POV means you tell the story from only one character's POV, but you may pull the camera back briefly to give the reader a larger perspective. You use the he/she voice."

    I think there is a limit to how far you can pull the camera back. Go far enough and it's a POV violation.

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    True. You have to be very sophisticated when you play with POV too much. If it works, fine. If it's confusing and distracting, then it's not the right choice.

    Just my thoughts...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanne Gassman View Post
    John, if it's limited to the character's POV, and you aren't distancing the reader with expressions like, "he could hear, he noticed, he was aware of," etc., then you are in close third.

    If you include narration that isn't from the character's POV, you are in limited third. At least, that's how I understand it.

    Then I'm limited third exclusively.

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