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    Hey L C! Not that I know a whole lot about it, but I've read a couple of articles about this. Amazon has stated they will primarily focus on selling their e-readers and other merchandise, but will not be selling books out of the physical store. Who knows, companies always seem to change their minds sometime between the press releases and opening day.

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    Lea -yes, I read that. I'd like to know what they mean by "other merchandise," though. Since they seem to sell anything ever made. Clothes, vitamins, art supplies, shampoo, heating pads...

    Good ol' Jeff Bezos. I've followed this company since it launched and its stock was going crazy. What an adventure he has had. I've read that he's getting into privately financed moon exploration now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by L C View Post
    I didn't mean Amazon would sell printed versions of its CreateSpace stuff. I meant it would sell stuff from its own bona fide publishing house, which it has already set up. Do you not see it getting bigger in the commecial publishing field?
    I agree that Amazon will probably shelve books from its own publishing houses (I think it has multiple imprints now) and not just anything anyone uses CreateSpace to get into print/Kindle. I don't think most readers of this thread would have realized the separation before now, though. These are two distinct, different piles of books, the one pretty small, the other humongous.

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