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    Grand Romantic Gestures

    You know when you're writing a story where romance is an element of the overall tale (though not the primary focus) and you need the audience to feel the romance? I've found myself drawn in by grand romantic gestures on the parts of those involved in the romance. Problem is, I so often draw a blank when trying to think of grand romantic gestures for characters to pull on each other. Maybe if we throw some ideas around I'll start getting the idea? I don't know. Need halp!

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    I just saw nobody replied to your post. I think it depends on the relationship between the romantic couple. Are they strangers just starting to spark, or old friends starting to see each other in a different way, or former lovers, or what? That would make a difference in the kinds of romantic gestures in which each person was willing to engage.

    Also the circumstances in which they find themselves makes a difference. Are they in danger, on vacation, or at work?

    Also, it makes a difference who makes the gesture the man or woman. So a little more specificity might get you a better answer.

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    Rogue Mutt
    Just watch a bunch of romantic comedies if you need ideas. Or sitcoms with married couples; once an episode the guy will usually need some grand gesture to win back his lady. I think every Home Improvement was: Tim pisses off Jill, talks to Wilson, makes gesture (usually on his TV show) and she forgives him. Homer has to pull out a romantic gesture for Marge at least ten times a year on The Simpsons, which makes for about 250 examples. Look up the Valentine's episode where Apu stages a week of grand gestures for his wife. There's always serenading her or holding a boom box over your head playing Peter Gabriel.

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    I love reading romance novels where the hero proves himself to the heroine through just the kind of gesture you're talking about, though it needn't necessarily be grand. What about noticing something about her, a detail that no one else has observed? Or honing in on an aspect of her past? I'd love to help you flush this out further--Please contact me through my profile.

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