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Thread: Self publishing

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    So if I get my own copies printed for my customers, and also make them available on Amazon, ebooks and other places, agents and publishers would see this differently than if I just self-published?
    Getting your own copies printed and self-publishing are the same thing. Either way, you pay to have your book printed and bound, and you do the marketing. Whether you do it through a local printer or through the likes of Lulu is a matter of choice. A lot has been said on writers.net about printing one's own book; Gary Kessler contributed much to those discussions, so you might look through his posts.
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    But that doesn't mean you can't make self-publishing work for you.
    But only if you sell them, Greg. Not give them away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Baron View Post
    If you mean trying to pitch the same work you self-pubbed -- yeah, they'll disapprove -- unless you sold a few thousand copies.

    If you mean pitching a new work and asking whether you should mention previous, self-published stuff as publishing credits -- I'd avoid it -- unless you sold a few thousand copies.
    OK, self publish, sell a few thousand copies, and then get published by the big guys. I can do that. Piece of cake.

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